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Making Good First Impressions

Making Good First Impressions

When showing your property, you only get one chance to make a good impression. Here are some suggestions to increase the desirability of your property to potential buyers and help you sell at the best price – and in the least amount of time.

Curb Appeal Is Essential

A buyer’s first impression is formed by viewing the outside of your property. A mowed lawn, trimmed hedge and weeded garden all help create a goodfirst impression. Inspect the exterior of your property, including shutters and windows. Steel or aluminum siding should be clean. If the house needs painting,buyers will notice and may consider it a major objection to purchasing your property. Pay close attention to the front door – it should sparkle. Polish the doorknob, clean the glass and replace a worn screen.

Cleanliness Counts

A sparkling, clean home greatly enhances its appeal to buyers. Scrub each room from top to bottom and give the entryway, kitchen and bathrooms special attention. Shampoo the carpeting – or even consider replacing or removing it if hardwood floors are underneath. Eliminate odors whenever possible.

Eliminate Clutter

Look at each room with a “less is best” objective Remove unneeded furniture to make room appear more spacious. Clear kitchen countertops except for what you use daily. Even closets, cupboards and other storage areas should be neat. Then box everything you don’t use regularly and donate it, sell it, discard it or store it.

If It’s Broken, Fix It

A loose doorknob, broken dishwasher, dripping faucet and squeaky door all detract from a property’s value. Repairs now can eliminate a buyer’s objections later.

Small Touches Make Big Impressions

With minimal expense, you can improve the appearance of any room. Consider replacing worn area rugs and throw pillows. New towels can refresh a tired kitchen or bath. Flowers – fresh or silk – add warmth and charm to any location.