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There's No Place Like Home!

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Mary DuBois Adamek
(218) 820-0090

We Are In This Together

We Are in This Together

Our Shared Objectives

You, your real estate agent and Edina Realty all share the same goals: 

  1. To get your home sold at the best possible price 
  2. To have your transaction proceed punctually and close successfully 

Don't "Price High and Sell Low"

Avoid starting with an inflated price, thinking you can reduce it later. It might be too late to capture the interest of buyers who are focusing on new listings.

Buyers are Well-Informed

Keep in mind buyers now have more informational tools than ever when shopping for a home. They can quickly determine if a home is priced higher than the market commands. If so, they move on to the next property.

Seller's Responsibility

REALTOR®'s Responsibility

Edina Realty's Responsibility